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Dear Friend,

I'm Joe Hill, the owner of Hill's Termite & Pest Control, the company with the only checklist of 57 termite inspection points. (One that took years to perfect.) I'm also the owner of the only Tennessee company with a powerful renewable lifetime guarantee. (Believe me, if termites could read it, they'd hightail it fast and never even think of coming back.) Even better, when you call or register here online to schedule the treatment, I'll give you $140.00 in FREE bonuses!

Why am I being so generous?

Both of us know, one treatment won't give you a gnat's head of what you really want: a bug-free home for as long as it takes. I have to convince you, then, I'm the most reliable termite and pest control company in Tennessee.

In return, I get a valued customer not just for a couple of months, but maybe for a whole lifetime!

What's more, you'll have a company who will get to know your home like no other termite and pest control company around. I'll discover exactly what bugs are coming and going, and what to do about them - and when.

It gets better. I'm offering you a free bonus, worth $140. AND YOU GET IT JUST BY ORDERING MY FREE "BUG AUDIT."

The Silent Bug Killer. We blow a fine electronic "bug dust" in all areas you have a tough time seeing, never mind getting to. (Value: $140.)

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